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various shapes and sizes of metal cutters on a black surface with white circles around them
6.53R$ 26% de desconto|10pç Variado Geométrico Oco Prensado Moldura De Flor Pingente De Resina Fazer Jóias - Equipamentos E Ferramentas P/ Joias - AliExpress
a pair of blue and white hoop earrings on top of a white surface with flowers
Anything-but-Average Hoop Earrings Sure to Elevate Any Ensemble
a white plate topped with lots of purple and yellow pansies on chain necklaces
Découvrez le mail Orange !
three bracelets with flowers in them on a woman's arm, one is gold and the other is pink
Dried flower bracelet, Pressed Chloris virgata, pressed flower hexagonal bracele, Bridesmaid jewelry