Daniele Villa

Daniele Villa

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Arduino Cantafora, Avec Le Temps II, 2016, Olio Su Tavola, 70×50 Cm

Eduard Imhof, Karte der Gegend um den Walensee, 1938. [Courtesy of Alpines Museum der Schweiz, Bern

arduino cantafora

Arduino Cantàfora

Flooding Mechanisms, Bra, Driva & Ribot - Atlas of Places

Atlas of Places

Downtown (Cityspace #115) artist Emily Garfield Emily Garfield creates intricate maps of imaginary places that explore the origins of cities and the function of maps themselves. She received her BA in Visual Arts from Brown University, where she also pursued studies in the brain’s response to art and aesthetic beauty through the Cognitive Science department. She has participated in exhibitions throughout the greater Boston area as well as New York and Philadelphia.

0096_Archizoom-No-Stop-City.-Prospettiva-dei-quartieri-residenziali-1969.-Università-di-Parma-CSAC.jpg 1 280 × 1 262 pixels

Eduardo Chillida, 1993

Atlas of the Functional City