scrivanie integrate in sostegno, tutto posizionabile al momento

Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity by TEN ARQUITECTOS: Interesting drawing table.

Why is everything cool either super expensive or not from America? Sigh. – (Branka Blasius)

Branka Blasius e il minimalismo creativo Geometrie essenziali e funzionali per BB Sideboard

Smart partition that acts as a display

A remanier pour faire une "partition" sur roulettes The lack of space for books is so astonishing that I cannot in good conscience call it a bookshelf, but it is an innovative and attractive decoration. Perhaps a room divider or window screen of sorts.

20 idee creative per dividere 2 ambienti dentro casa! Lasciatevi ispirare... Dividere 2 ambienti dentro casa. Ecco per Voi oggi 20 idee design per dividere due ambienti in una stanza in modo creativo e originale. Lasciatevi ispirare da queste 20 foto!...

Dividere 2 ambienti dentro casa in modo originale e creativo! 20 idee...

Hi, Mom un concept store per mamme e bambini

Childrens clothing shop in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed by Lena Petrescu - Tap the link to shop on our official online store!

ZAK+FOX in style.

Where I Work: ZAK+FOX

Where I Work: ZAK+FOX in style fashion main interior design home furnishings Category

Normann Copenaghen

The new Oona rug by Normann Copenhagen is a range of three hand knotted rugs with a simple and graphic feel; a play between shapes and contrasts. Designer Simon Legald explains about the rugs: ”I have tried to create a … Continue reading →