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Rome Trajan's forum - This forum was built on the order of the emperor Trajan with the spoils of war from the conquest of Dacia, which ended in 106.[1] The Fasti Ostienses state that the Forum was inaugurated in 112, while Trajan's Column was erected and then inaugurated in 113. To build this monumental complex, extensive excavations were required: workers eliminated the sides of the Quirinal and Capitoline (Campidoglio) Hills, which closed the valley occupied by the Imperial forums toward…


Rome theatre of Marcellus - rome


Roma piazza della repubblica palazzo exedra - Rework

Rome Theatre of Marcellus - The Theatre of Marcellus (Latin: Theatrum Marcelli, Italian: Teatro di Marcello) is an ancient open-air theatre in Rome, Italy, built in the closing years of the Roman Republic. At the theatre, locals and visitors alike were able to watch performances of drama and song. Today its ancient edifice in the rione of Sant'Angelo, Rome, once again provides one of the city's many popular spectacles or tourist sites. Space for the theatre was cleared by Julius Caesar, who…

Rome Via della conciliazione - rome

Rome St.Peters Basilica christmast 1 - Rome St.Peters Basilica christmast

Rome - The eternal city - Re-work on a new monitor!

Rome - St. Peters December reflection - the best view in the city!

Rome St.Peter's Magical sunset - Best see on FULL SCREEN Press F11 and M

Rome - Colosseum at Christmas - Best see on FULL SCREEN Press F11 and M