This home for a photographer features a folded steel staircase, a mezzanine and wall-mounted storage for bicycles.

Sadie Snelson converts warehouse into photographer's home

Sadie Snelson Architects has transformed a London warehouse into a live-work space for a photographer, installing a folded steel staircase and a mezzanine

Here are a few lovable modern staircases ideas to get you inspired and ready to…

10 Incredible Modern Staircases You Need Now

Hoshakuji station in Tochigi: designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, Japan

Hoshakuji Station

Hoshakuji station - Kengo Kuma & Associates:In order to reduce the weight, we used lauan-made plywood for structure, instead of Oya stone. By using wood, I wanted to revive the humane and warm atmosphere once any station building used to have.


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scala nel entrata che porta allo studio

Exposed steel frames bolted with a matching staircase, creating an impression of structurally functionalism. if these steel frames were not in this picture the stairs would not stand on their own.

If I had these stairs in my home as a kid, I would not be here today.  DANGEROUS

illusion staircase - I'm intrigued and scared all at once, it looks awesome but can you imagine navigating the stairs tired or intoxicated?


Love this idea. Wish I had a staircase space for it, but I'd still love to use some of these design ideas for our built-in in the dining room. Bookcase at the office of the Dutch Architects of the Year, 2012

Come usare il #legno in #mansarda senza farla sembrare un rifugio

Pecháčkova Flat in Prague This is project which i did on Behance open plan,bedroom,exposed oak beams,space saving

Fotoblogy - Priatelia a obľúbené

This sophisticated home in the suburbs was designed by Alexandra Fedorova. The interior is spacious and warm, with an easy elegance that invites relaxation. Photos courtesy of Alexandra Fedorova