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a plate with an orange flower painted on it and some paintbrushes next to it
a table topped with lots of white and yellow dishes
Warm Sunshine
there is a cup and saucer with spoons on it
four plates with different designs on them and the words vista algere written in red
Vista Alegre.
two plates that have different designs on them
Je vous souhaite de passer un moment agréable sur mon site... -
a soap dispenser with blue flowers and gold trimmings on it
Luxury Soap Dispensers | Designer Lotion Dispensers
a hand holding a small ceramic jar with bees on it's lid and gold rim
Honey Jar
an elephant painted on the side of a coffee mug with trees and grass in the background
Vaso in porcellana dipinto a pennino
a multicolored ceramic jar with a lid on it's stand, decorated with flowers and stripes
three pieces of bathroom accessories including soap dispenser and toothbrush holder
Ensemble pour salle de bains Collection Royal Pip Studio
Ensemble pour salle de bains raffiné et élégant de la collection Royal marque Pip Studio. Le set est composé 3 articles en porcelaine présenté dans un coffret.