Gwyneth Paltrow on staying in shape. So true. Can't complain about other people being skinnier or more fit than you are. Those that are work hard! Eat clean and work hard. Thank you Gwyneth!


Silence is an answer. An intelligent person does not respond or react to problematic people. My best advice and your welcome.

Non giudicare quello che non sai.. MAI

Hindley judges hesathcliff like people did in the setting of the Next to my CS Lewis quote, this is my new life motto. Stop judging, and start loving others that's my challenge to you all.

Parole e ispirazione - Alexandre Dumas

Be A ogni male ci sono due rimedi: il tempo e il silenzio.

Ridere di se stessi - thanks to @GPanellaa

stefania panella on

e con me ce n'è da divertirsi! Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, because they will never cease to have fun . and to me there's a lot of fun!

I'm not perfect, but I am who I am and that is more than good enough!

Non sono perfetta ma sono io e non e poco -I'm not perfect, but I am who I am and that is more than good enough!

Parole e ispirazione - Le menti mediocri condannano abitualmente tutto ciò che è oltre la loro portata. (Francois de La Rochefoucauld)

Bellissima:La mediocrità sta proprio nella condanna a priori del diverso.The mediocrity lies really in the sentence of the different one