Black bedroom

I really like the look and the dark wall! Love the black wall - make it an accent wall? Hardwood floors with rugs for master bedroom. This is what my bedroom will look like when we move! But with blue walls and a black wall.

Shoe Lazy Susan...i need this

Shoe Lazy Susan - I need this for my closet! Shoe Lazy Susan - I need this for my closet! Shoe Lazy Susan - I need this for my closet!

strips of scrapbooking paper in glass frame to make a weekly planner.

Under the glass of the frames she laid strips of scrapbooking paper in them with circle punches and letter stickers. Voila, a weekly planner showing this week and next week, that I can write on with dry-wipe marker. DEF MY FAVORITE CALENDAR IDEA!

Homemade junior mints!

Homemade Chocolate Peppermints (they taste like Peppermint Patties)- confectioners sugar (powdered sugar), softened cream cheese, peppermint extract, semi sweet chocolate chips (no baking)

diy centerpiece

DIY Soda Bottle Vase diy crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy idea diy home diy vase easy diy for the home crafty decor home ideas diy decorations:

The base was a 10" in diameter circle cut out of a cardboard box. She glued white poster board on it just in case the board peeks through.Then she rolled lots of paper cones and hot glued them on, starting from the outside. A good pic of the process is shown on the original website.

Vively Online: A Pretty Free Project - Paper Medallion Wall Hanging Since I am ethically opposed to destroying old books even if thet are obsolete, I'm thinking of using old magazines or chart paper.

burlap stool

Burlap Coffee Sack Stools to do with those coffee bags I bought two years ago

There's a person in there. #urbanoutfitters

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A blanket made of pillows. Why didn't I think of that!

Pillow Quilt - Here’s a great idea! Sew some pillows together to make a pillow quilt that you can use for movie nights, picnics, or just for lounging around. Everyone will love the soft feel of this quilt, that’s for sure!

Your daily packaging smile.

Guggle Bum Packaging design for a fun and twisted bubble gum brand. Beneath the cutesy exterior lies an unexpected twist: removing the outer box reveals the skeleton of each “bum”.