18 Pins
a wooden cutting board topped with cheese on top of a table
a person is cutting up some food on a table
Gnocchi al nero di seppia
a bunch of doughnuts are on a wooden table and ready to be baked
GNOCCHI AGLI ASPARAGI - a Tavola da Daniela
an ice cream sundae is shown on a red and white checkered tablecloth
Gnocchi di minestrone
Gnocchi di zucca
Gnocchi di zucca
two red donuts sitting on top of a white paper towel next to each other
Gnocchi di patate e carote
a person cutting up food on top of a wooden table
Gnocchi di soia e zucchina
a woman is cutting bread on a wooden table
Gnocchi di pomodoro con zucchine di gamberetti
a woman in blue gloves is kneading dough on a wooden table with her hands
Gnocchi di paccasassi
a white plate topped with lots of food on top of a wooden table next to a person
Gnocchi al caffè
a man and woman standing next to each other while holding a plate with food on it
Ndunderi maioresi con tartufo nero fresco
a woman is eating pasta from a bowl
Gnocchi di patate e ticchi
some food is sitting on a black plate and next to two silver canisters
GNOCCHI DI AMARANTO - a Tavola da Daniela
a white plate topped with meat covered in grated cheese
GNOCCHI DI PATATE E CAROTE - a Tavola da Daniela
there are many small pieces of food on top of the table, and one is covered in powdered sugar
GNOCCHI DI POLENTA - a Tavola da Daniela