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a man in a tuxedo with a quote on it
Charles Spurgeon: Todavía soy peor #Frases
--> Questions about God, the Bible and life? Click here:
a man with long hair is smiling and has an ad for him to give his money
Are you freaking serious?!
an advertisement with many different types of advertisements on it's sides and the words above them
The Unknown Dark Side to 13 of History's Favourite People #infographic
The Unknown Dark Side to 13 of History's Favourite People
an old poster with the quote be the change you wish to see in the world
Sé el cambio que tú deseas ver en el mundo. Gandhi
a black and white photo with the words gandhi in different languages on it, as well as an image of a man's face
Frases Célebres Ateas. Mahatma Gandhi
Blog dedicado a exponer el pensamiento Ateo y Anti-teista, principalmente dirigido a los lectores Cristianos.
a poster with many different types of people
Los hábitos que comparten las personas más exitosas del mundo
Aprende de los hábitos de las personas con más éxito del mundo con esta infografía
two paintings of men with long hair, one in black and the other in white
Sir Isaac Newton: Scientist, Bible Scholar, Astronomer
Isaac Newton is known for his insights into astronomy, but what is not as well known is that he wrote far more on the history of the church and the Bible. In fact, work on has Biblical studies is being completed on a multiple volume resource library.
there are many men with hats and suits on this page in an old book or magazine
Galería: 70 Fotos que tienes que ver antes de morir | Notinerd
Este fue el grupo de músicos que tocaron en el Titanic hasta que este se hundiera.
a black and white photo of a man in a suit smiling at the camera with a microphone
Feb 21 en la historia: Malcolm X assassinated; President Richard Nixon visits China; Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart makes a tearful confession; Steve Fossett is the first to fly across the Pacific Ocean in a balloon. -
an old black and white photo of a bride
Jackie O, un icono de la moda.
jackie o kennedy
black and white photograph of two people sitting at a table with drinks in front of them
Biut - Hablemos sin rollos entre mujeres sobre sexo, moda y belleza
Grace Kelly: La biopic de la princesa de Hollywood molesta a Mónaco