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an image of a poster with the names of different animals and people on it's side
Nuevas Canciones
Oh No!!! Catholic Church, Catholic, Pagan Religions, Bible Truth, Bible Facts
Oh No!!!
two cartoon characters are shown with the names of each character in front of them, and one has an angry look on his face
My Heart in Ancient Egypt
Jesus vs. Horus - jesus, horus, comparative religion, baptism, crucifixion, virgin birth
the seven bowls of god's warh info sheet with instructions on how to use them
Muuy importante
an image of angels in the sky above water
¡Sí, ven Señor Jesús! ¡Aleluya!
the seven trumpets info sheet with numbers, symbols and dates for each part of the page
The Seven Trumpets - And the seven angels who had trumpets prepared themselves to sound them. Revelation 8:6
a poster with an image of a person and a dog in the background that says,'big ideas in daniel god is in control over government and governments
an image of a man's body with the words daniels vision of 70 weeks of years on it
70 weeks of years of Daniel
an advertisement for the little horn show featuring a man's face and many other words
The Little horn of Daniel
a painting of a man with his hands out to an animal flying over him and other animals in the background
Daniel 8:4, 5