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an artist's rendering of men working on a brick structure in the middle of a forest
Histoire du
La construction des voies romaines - Histoire du Monde
an image of a bridge that is in the middle of mountains and has instructions on how to build it
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Regarded as one of the greatest engineering feats of early civilization, the aqueducts of the Roman Empire continue to draw interest from archaeologists. The system is an example of passive irrigation, using only gravity to move water over many miles, from higher elevations to low-lying areas.
an illustration of people swimming in a pool and on the side of a building with windows
Roman bath w hypocaust heat system
an image of a stone road with words describing the different types of stones and how to use it
The Legacy of Rome
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a map showing the locations of major rivers in north and central america, as well as cities
40 mapas que te explican el Imperio Romano - Info
an illustration of two men in roman costumes and one is holding a large golden object
Legionarios romanos roban el Menorah del templo de Jerusalén. Año 70 d.C. Autor: Radu Oltean
a large boat floating on top of the ocean
Roman bireme galley ship.- ANNEE 54 av JC: Bretons, Eburons et Trévires. 2) 2° EXPEDITION EN BRETAGNE, 15: Dès les otages reçus, César retourne sur la côte avec ses hommes, fait mettre à l'eau sa flotte réparée et réussit la traversée pour aborder le continent. Bien qu'il n'ait pas fait de nouvelles conquêtes territoriale en Bretagne, son expédition est couronnée de succès puisqu'il terrorise la population, et se créé une clientèle ce qui porte l'île dans la sphère d’influence romaine.
a painting of a large boat in the middle of water with people standing on it
Los barcos palacio de Calígula, los ‘Titanic’ del mundo antiguo
Los barcos palacio de Calígula, los ‘Titanic’ del mundo antiguo
the star wars characters are depicted in this poster
El árbol genealógico de los Dioses Griegos - tataranietos
Titanes & Dioses :) Familia :D
an image of different types of people in ancient greek costumes and armor for the ages of men
many people are walking on the bridge over the water
Puente Romano de Córdoba
Puente romano, Córdoba
two wooden dices sitting side by side on top of each other, one with spiral designs and the other without
Roman Dice. Dados romanos II