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an aerial view of a building with many floors and walls, including the top floor
Nike - Acquisti Online
san paolo, brasil, isso, startup, arealis
a person walking down a walkway next to a tree and some bikes in front of an orange gate
Salvatore Millitari - Picture gallery 7
Salvatore Millitari - Picture gallery mygate designed and visualization for fabbridea.com
a person walking with a dog in front of a house on top of a hill
Nike - Acquisti Online
an exterior view of a building with large windows and grass on the ground next to it
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house FOBE, Guilhem Eustache, stone, facade
a wooden bench sitting in front of a window on top of a white wall with pink pillows
relax - outdoor
two brown wicker chairs sitting on top of a pool next to a brick building
a black and white photo of a house with a tree in the front yard on a foggy day
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a deck with chairs and an umbrella on it next to a building that has wooden floors
other works
outdoor, architecture
an architectural model of a building with green roofing
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architecture, architettura, rendering, render
an empty hallway with glass walls and stairs
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glass, architecture
a model of a city with buildings and roads
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3D model, wood, architecture, urban
two pictures of a building with windows and stairs
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architecture, Germany,WERKBUND, HAUS DER FRAU
people sitting on the grass in front of a large building with birds flying over it
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a black and white photo of a city with tall buildings next to a body of water
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urban park, architecture, shanghai
an aerial view of a city at night
Nike - Acquisti Online
competition, shanghai, park, urban, render, visualization