Giulio D'Amario

Giulio D'Amario

Giulio D'Amario
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Kegbot: Monitor beer keg volume & control tap access.

The Kegbot is a tablet-powered beer Kegerator that will keep track of how much beer is left in your keg to help you make sure that you’re never in danger of running out during a party.

Keg Coil Cooler | 48 Qt. Double Tap Jockey Box Beer Cooler, 50' Coil

Great beer cooler with two 50 foot cooler coils to ensure that all beer that passes through the two beer faucets is ice cold.

Huawei P9 Lite frontal

Close on the heels of the Huawei launch, Huawei is expected to come out with the Honor with dual camera system. The Huawei if one