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an old city street with cars parked on the side
Old Mint Street and Carmelite Church by Marc Wansky / 500px
Old Mint Street, Valletta, Malta
the sun is setting over an old city
Places - Maltese Archipelago
H'Attard, MALTA
an old street with stone buildings and green shutters on both sides, in the middle of town
folly of casa Bonavita, Attard malta
a peacock standing in the middle of a walkway
All things Europe
Attard, Malta (by Kumukulanui)
a large building with lots of plants and trees around it
Presidential Gardens, Attard, Malta.
an outdoor courtyard with tables and chairs
Hotel Corinthia Palace, Attard
Corinthia Palace, The centre of Malta, Attard, Malta
two red telephone booths sitting next to each other on the side of a white building
Gharb Police Station
Police Station, Malta Former British rule, the influence can be seen throughout the island.
an ornately decorated hall with many tables and chairs
Where's Wendy? Day 9
St. John's Co-Cathedral, built by the Knights of Malta in 1577
an underground room with light coming in from the door
Wasatch Photonics | Gratings, Spectroscopy & OCT
The Hypogeum (Malta island, Mediterranean Sea) is an underground funerary temple characteristic of pre-Christian period. The start of construction occurred about 3500 years BC.
a statue of a man holding a spear with two other figures around him on a black background
Malta, Island
an old stone building with carvings on it
Tarxien Temples/ 3000 a.c. Malta Island
an aerial view of the old city and its port area, with palm trees in foreground
This is Malta. Where some of the movie Troy was filmed. I really will go there one day!
a map of the world showing major cities
Around the world with Travelbrochures | Travelbrochures
many windows and balconies on the side of a building with blue shutters
Blue Balconies, Valetta, Malta
Blue Balconies, Valetta, Malta. Valletta is the capital of Malta, colloquially known as Il-Belt in Maltese. It is located in the central-eastern portion of the island of Malta.
three buses are lined up on the side of the road in front of palm trees
Carro Antigo, Carros Antigos, Veiculo Antigo, Placa Preta, Importação, Restauração e Locação de Carros Antigos. Classificados de compra e venda - Mais de 2000 anuncios de Carros Antigos - Carros, motos, Onibus, Caminhoes, motonetas, lambrettas, embarcações, barcos classicos, classic boats
Old bus at Malta's islands