Altre idee da MICHELE

my favorite gypsy so far just don't like the day of the dead theme or how mad she looks. want it to be pretty not pissed off.

Sugar skull lady tattoo on leg

Love it. Mommy just stoled your tattoo

LEGO Tattoo

I really like this watercolor tattoo but I'm not a big fan of the birds and tree. :P

My new autism awareness tattoo I got today at ink revolution studios in johnson city, TN thanks Justin page for the awesome work and doing exactly what I wanted-Lindsey

image of my fat white left forearm with the words 'arrange whatever pieces come your way' curving beside a black drippy line from which stre...

39 People With Watercolor Paintings Tattooed To Their Bodies

so awesome

Water Colour Tattoo ... Something like this with "Live beautifully, Dream passionately, Love completely". I love the idea of the color behind the words.

Community Post: 28 Incredible Watercolor Tattoos And Where To Get Them

28 Incredible Watercolor Tattoos And Where To Get Them. Would definitely fly to the end of the world to get my tattoo done this well.