Dag Cardella
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The Pharaoh

A visit at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy

Various trunks of black and white

Beginning to study the zone system

Valley in front of Fort Bard

This is what we saw from Fort Bard, Aosta, Italy

Campanile di Giotto

A view of Campanile di Giotto, taken from the feet of the Cathedral of Florence

Castel Sant'Angelo through a frame of trunks

Me and my lady were walking along the bank of Tevere in Rome, Italy, and saw this beautiful POI: Castel Sant'Angelo

Walking past the hotel

Walking past the hotel

Stocked stocks and snow

A pile of wood partially covered in snow, seems like a kind of stairway or some distant mountains with an old muletrack

Zenit of the Pantheon

Took this photo pointing up and standing in the very middle of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy

Doll reflecting on a dolls shop window

My sweetheart reflecting in a doll shop window in Rome, Italy

Under the skylight

My lady covering her face from the sunlight filtering through the skylight at home

Down the ramp

A guy skateboarding on a ramp


A set of clamps against a sunset sky Canon FTB Ql, Rollei RPX 400

Portrait of my sweetheart

A portrait of my sweet, inspirer and lovely sweetheart

Moving stuffs on wheels

A working class hero moving stuffs through a street food parade

Circle of boats

Some boats resting in the middle of Tyrrhenian Sea