How to draw Hairstyles

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pandas. <3

I chose this for rhythm because they are all the same drawing being repeated but the color makes the drawing interesting so you dont just see the same thing being repeated. Without the color it would almost be the same drawing repeated.

.Kawaai and dressing cute and red

Adorable kawaii anime illustration - little girl in red rain coat & umbrella in a big puddle - or a version of little red riding hood

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Items similar to Custom Cute "Kawaii" Anime Styled Traditional Chibi Illustration on Etsy

Sketch by Lauren Saxton.

This sketch by Lauren Saxton is adorable and still kind of empowering to me…

Kokeshi Dolls Disney style!

Disney ladies as kokeshi dolls? I've always wanted a kokeshi doll tattoo and this just makes it better.