i'm a pirate!

PIRATE THEME i'm a pirate!) I love this idea. it would be fun to take pictures of the kids and then use them for games, books, display etc. I really can see bunches of use for this.

Ahoy Matey! 30 creative ideas perfect for your little pirate's next birthday party

grape swords, pirate map invite, & guide to being a pirate with names, draw your flag & talk like a pirate

A bit of cardboard tube fun!!! One Loo Roll.... be inspired by your favourite celebrities, films and books! Can you guess who this is?

Quick Craft Post: Loo Roll Guess Who

Pirate Party

Pirate party - digging for treasure cute idea for kids Halloween party.each parent brings a bucket full of sand already filled with the trinkets they want their kid to find - can be a colored bucket the kids can use at the beach the next summer!