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a drawing of a man in a tuxedo holding a microphone and giving a speech
a chicken is standing in the grass with something white
three ice cream cones sitting on top of a white table next to a drawing of a woman's face
three girls in different colored skirts standing next to each other with their hands on their hipss
Diego Cusano
a pink ice cream sundae sitting on top of a beach chair next to people
Tu recepcja
crossconnectmag: “ Food Art by Diego Cusano Diego Cusano is a successful musician and graphic designer from Italy, who describes himself as fantasy researcher. He uses food to create amazing...
a woman in a red dress is holding a large slice of pizza with pepperoni on it
Let's dance... or let's just have pizza and enjoy the weekend! Art by @diego_cusano #weekend #pizza #art #graphicdesign #artist #visualart #creative
a slice of pizza sitting on top of a boat in front of a white wall
Hay quien se tapa con tostadas en vez de sábanas
Esa noche las sábanas no eran suaves. Estaban crujientes. También hacía algo más de frío. Quizá, porque en vez de un edredón, había unos cuantos cuchillazos de nutella. Pero no había nada que temer. Los que dormían debajo de esa tostada no eran personas. Eran dibujos. Diego Cusano había diseñado a estos personajes. Hacía unos […]
four different types of donuts are depicted in this drawing
Check out this story by Diego Cusano on Steller!
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Collage, Resim, Cute Illustration, Fotografia, Cute Art