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a hand drawn diagram on a piece of paper with words describing the different things in it
Le scienze
an apple cut out on top of a piece of paper with words written in spanish
a diagram showing the different types of animals
the spanish language poster shows how to use water and landforms for an interactive lesson
a notebook with some writing on it and trees in different colors, including one tree
a poster showing different types of mushrooms
Scienza in quarta. I cinque regni: classificazione e primi approcci. - La Finestra sull'Albero
the spanish poem is written in black and white
an open notebook with writing on it
a notebook with an image of a water drop and the words i ciclo del pagua written in spanish
Il ciclo dell'acqua
a notebook with an image of a snowman on the page and another drawing in spanish
Le trasformazioni dell'acqua: solidificazione
an open notebook with handwritten instructions on the page and pictures of animals in spanish
L'acqua è vita
an open notebook with the words evaporazione written in spanish and another hand drawn diagram
Le trasformazioni dell'acqua: evaporazione