Frito Taco Salad

Crowd-Pleasing Taco Salad

Crowd-Pleasing Taco Salad ground beef c ketchup 1 tsp oregano 1 tsp chili powder tsp salt tsp pepper 1 medium head lettuce, torn 2 tomatoes, diced 1 c Shredded cheese 1 can oz) olives, drained c mayo c taco sauce 1 pkg oz) corn chips

Hidden tricks to get your house sparkling in record time. I think every Pinterest trick is listed here!

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Woman cleaning a cutting board with lemon.A lemon works to remove tough food stains from a plastic or light-colored wood cutting board. Squeeze on the juice of one half, rub it in, and let sit for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Plywood floor. Inexpensive paintable floor. Put the sheets of plywood down route out grooves then some stain and poly

HOME: DIY Plywood floor = Inexpensive paintable floor. A pinner said "Did this in our house.we just put the sheets of plywood down and routed out grooves.then some stain and poly.its been ten years and still looks great and we love it.

#DIY planter and bird bath created from terra cotta pots. Cute!

Topsy-Turvy Planter & Birdfeeder: very cute and inexpensive. Could forget bird feeder and plant herbs

Old Galvanized Containers- like them on top of the rocks.

Make a rock garden and then add containers for plants for easy to change out POP of Color! Container garden, The beginning of my southern container garden , Gardens Design

Decoupage comic book Chair...awesome!    Claire would like this

Decoupage comic book chair- this would be so cute in a little boy's room!- Good idea for Ways room

Great for an unused fireplace ! My husband's next project. Diy home decor on a budget. FIREPLACE INSERT CANDLE LOG

Creating a romantic ambiance in your family room is easy with this tealight fireplace log. The log is designed to fit inside any size fireplace. The beautiful resin tealight fireplace log holds eleven

Going to try this!

DIY Moss Graffiti, couldn't work out if this should be in gardening or crafty, looks fun either way.

Beer Bottle Candle... Cool for an outdoor bar/patio

Beer Bottle Candle -- this is a thing that exists. It's definitely *interesting*. Forget the candle and you could have beer bottle wine glasses!

DIY Terrariums I totally remember doing this with my grandmother

Beautiful DIY home decor idea. Succulent aquarium with a layered look. This DIY indoor plant looks classy and great for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

Unique DIY Home Decor Ideas | Design & DIY Magazine -

DIY Succulent Planters Of Used Bricks. And I wonder if used bricks could be used for other plants and flowers too! Gardening has always been one of my favorite hobbies!

DIY Balcony Vertical Garden Ideas

Objetos de PVC

Cool DIY Indoor-Outdoor Modular Cylinder Planters If you have limited gardening space than dis DIY planter is made for you!This DIY project would let you save some gardening space. @ its-a-green-life

How to install laminate flooring. SO EASY! And so inexpensive. The whole main level was less than $450. Gorgeous!

How To Install Laminate Flooring… for dummies and pregnant women

Pallet patio - Great use of old pallets and other recycled items.

Modern pallet furniture design and decor ideas for your new home. DIY wooden pallet sofa or couch, beds, coffee tables, chairs and pallet garden designs plans.

Hula Hoop Chandelier. :)

So cool! I love this idea. How smart and crafty! Hula Hoop Chandelier - hula hoop and lace from the Dollar Store - Decoration for a porch or outdoor party :D

(DIY Foam Board Shelf) Since this is relatively easy to construct and a awesome ideal to store nail polish, I figured it would also be a great ideal to make this holder for craft supplies, like acrylic paint bottles,glue & etc. I plan on making one for my craft supplies.Foam board is cheap at dollar stores =)

(DIY Foam Board Shelf) This is relatively easy to construct and a awesome ideal to store nail polish.