"Mi ami ? "Bene"  Pensi che io sia brutto ? Non guardarmi.  Non mi conosci? non giudicarmi.  Credi di conoscermi? non hai idea." Cit traduzione: Quotes anime (Tradotte)

For people wondering who they are: Shu from Guilty Crown, Hikigaya from My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNFU, Hotarou from Hyouka, and Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. <<--- i already knew about Tokyo ghoul but thanks for the other animes!

Lavoro Torino  #job #annuncio #neolaureati #mestiere # professione [image] You will one day

" Success is going from one failure to another failure without losing your enthusiasm" Weight loss doesn't happen overnight ! Getting a 6 pack tummy or or a toned body doesn't happen overnight either ! But staying determined - dedicated and motivate


Don’t mistake the calmness you see on faces for satisfaction; inside every human, there is a thing torturing him

I cried when one of my best friends showed me this. We don't always think about what that smile is covering up, even though we find ourselves hiding behind our smiles as well.

Nanami Aoyama eu sorrio porque eu não quero que você me veja chorando