Amici per sempre

My 20 lbs Bead: Trollbeads Friends Bead, a cute little stack of books with a tiny heart


Trollbeads: Turtles Bead - Turtles are indisputably tough and live to be incredibly old. They are very calm and gentle creatures who symbolize a long life, and they mean good luck in many cultures.

Cuore di famiglia

Trollbeads: Family Bead - Mother and father walking with their newborn in the baby stroller - proud and filled with love.

Acciaio bianco

Trollbeads: White Steel Bead - No two beads are alike. Thin threads of steel are encased in snow-white glass in this exciting and different Trollbead.

Via lattea

Trollbeads: Milky Way Bead - Billions of stars endlessly alit in the night sky. What awaits us out there? The Milky way stretches out millions of light years away, making us ponder how small and insignificant we are in the big picture.


Trollbeads: Griffin Bead - The Griffin is a legendary creature and as half lion and half eagle, it is believed to be especially powerful. It is known for guarding treasures and precious belongings.

Chiusura a Fiore

Trollbeads Flower Clasp (I actually own this clasp)

Chiusura Nodo di Freia

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Pietra d'oro

Retired Glass Trollbeads from Bead Sensation, your retired Trollbeads specialist. We DO have retired Trollbeads in stock.