Edoardo Maximo Geluardi

Edoardo Maximo Geluardi

Edoardo Maximo Geluardi
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War of 1812 Chess Set

The famous War of 1812 is extremely significant in the history of the United States and the Britain. But what does it has to do with a chess set? The crazy Etsy designer Jim Arnolds has shaped a huge chess set representing the war. Named the War of 1812 C

Hot Retro Treasure Pirate Map Style Imitation Leather Pencil Roll Up Case Holder #UnbrandedGeneric

Retro Vintage Pirate Roll Up PU Leather Pen Pencil Case Bags Treasure Map Kid Party Gift Favor Make up Cosmetic Bag

I'm not going to lie... I want this.

Dan Lucas of Portland, Oregon carved this gorgeous skull from black walnut. He says, “The light spot at the top of the skull is an old rectangular nail totally embedded in the wood—I didn’t find it until I cut into the block.” Via SkullaDay

Wooden Pirate Sword

Kult Of Athena - Practice - - Wooden Pirate Sword - The Wooden Pirate Sword is an ideal practice sword to safely practice your sword skills while protecting yourself and partners.