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The 50 Best Restaurants in Paris

The 50 Best Restaurants in Paris Though La Tour d’Argent is not on the list, it surely is a personal favorite. I'm taking a mental note of these restaurants for my next trip.

Great list of movies to see before you go to Paris to get you in the mood.

Great list of movies to see before you go to Paris to get you in the mood and see the beautiful scenery. I would personally add British movie "Le weekend", French movie "Paris" and American movie "Before Sunset" to your list.

Collage artist Eugenia Loli uses photography scanned from vintage magazines and science publications to create bizarre visual narratives that borrow from aspects of pop art, dada, and traditional surrealism. Her collages often include a teasing,


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CONVERSATIONAL UPDATES From bobbing boats on the waterfront to the higgledy-piggledy houses that line the streets of Amsterdam, design employs picture-perfect postcard themes.

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"Roy Lichtenstein, Untitled (Still Life with Lemon and Glass), Lithograph, screenprint and debossing on paper." I really like the style of Roy Lichtenstein s lemon and glass of water its really simple and its not too bright or detailed.