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Best Of Style | Couture Fashion Week, Paris 2016.

Yoga and Metabolism: Myths and Truths

Yoga Poses for Metabolism

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Bronze is big. For daytime or evening, The Nudes Palette can create an array of natural beauty looks with its 12 taupe, brown, and golden shades. Add winged liner to lend a retro feel to modern eyeshadow.

Chaturanga is probably one of the most incorrectly done asanas in yoga, and not saying incorrect in terms of being mean, but in terms of its not beneficial and can be harmful to your body which is not what yoga is. On chaturanga you really want to pin your elbows to your side. Once you get down about halfway to where you elbows are pressed into your ribs...stay there no need to go any lower. Going lower puts a lot of stress on the shoulder...

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Check out this helpful infographic to learn about your baby's teething!

Just massage gently in a circular motion in the area corresponding to the physical problem :)

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Yoga For Kids #findyouryoga Eeeep! I'm gonna do yoga with my children! :333