1332AT makes bags out of recycled air-bags. Each bag is unique, because air-bags differs in colors and form. An 1332AT bag therefor is a must have for everyone who believes in recyling, sustainability and design and wants a modern unique bag for different purposes.
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#Laptopbag: 100% recycled airbags. Robust, strong bag for laptops and accessories

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#Backpacker: made from 100% recycled airbags. $60

#Shoulderbag made from 100% recycled airbags.

The #Postmanbag 100% recylced aitbags

Het #Almeers Meisje: moderne klederdracht

Nieuwe klederdracht voor #Almere: het #Almeers #Meisje

Bags made from recycled materials by 1332AT

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