Covezzi vanessa

Covezzi vanessa

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Avant que le terme "Fauteuil" n'entre dans le vocabulaire en 1930, on le dénommait coquetoire, chaise à bras ou faudesteuil.

FAUTEUIL COCKTAIL DES ANNÉES 50 "GRAPHIQUE" via Retour de chine. Click on the image to see more!

Wheretoget - Adidas sneakers in pastel pink and white

Suitcase...table. Attached four table legs to the bottom of the suitcase and spray-painted it a glossy black.

105 DIY Projects That Will Make You Proud: Add texture with Hemp Pendant Lights. We love the idea of clustering a few pendants in various sizes over a dining table. : Move your vases from your table to your wall.

love this idea!

book art - paper roses

book art - paper roses

A balloon over a glass makes a "vase". Who thinks of these things!

Organization I did this and it's awesome! Way tidier, more space, and I can see all every shirt :)

clear and transparent colored acrylic makeup compact holders and beauty care organizer - holds up to 8 compacts. makeup storage/organization.