Paris Montmartre by Yuriy Shevchuk

Yuriy Shevchuk (Pastel 2009 Drawing) "Paris Montmartre" Love how the hot and cold colours just work.

Water colors. So little use of detail in this piece, but it's not even needed

COLOR EMOTIONS IN PAINTING---------------Artist: Unknown I love how simple yet so powerful this painting is. The message of the painting is still apparent even with very minimal details.

Incredible history. Saw this at The Met in NYC.

So-called “Thermae boxer”: athlete resting after a boxing match. Bronze, Greek artwork of the Hellenistic era, centuries BC (the boulder is modern and replicates the ancient one). From the Thermae of Constantine. (was lucky enough to see this in Rome.

The mystery of van Gogh's Sunflowers

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers The mystery of van Gogh’s... - artnet

Vincent Van Gogh - Vase with five sunflower Oil on canvas x cm. Arles: August, 1888 F JH 1560 Destroyed by fire in the Second World War

Love Tree

This picture is a great example for texture. It shows texture in the tree leaves, the sky, and the grass. The clouds look fluffy and smooth adding a soft effect. The grass and leaves give the painting a soft feeling yet, rough at the same art

The Scream by Edvard Munch

How Artists Use Facial Expressions to Lure Us into Their Worlds


Claude Monet Water-Lilies 24 painting, oil on canvas & frame; Claude Monet Water-Lilies 24 is shipped worldwide, 60 days money back guarantee.

#skull with a #burning #cigarette by #van gogh

‘Vincent Van Gogh's 'Skull with a Burning Cigarette' ’ Throw Pillow by Roz Abellera Art Gallery