ideas for dresses, makeup, asking someone, shoes, etc etc.
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Universal style that's simple with just enough sparkle. Featuring a sweetheart pleated neckline and a natural waist embellished with a unique pattern of crystals and sequins. Complete with a chiffon skirt and finished hem. Back zipper closure. Available in Ocean, Off White, and Valentine.
Drama in jewels! Powerful and shiny circular stones are studded with antique crystals as they drape over your shoulder into a brilliant pleated bra. Beads flow onto a full and flowy skirt ready to rock.
I have the blue one on here as well, but red has always been my favorite color. I'm so complicated >.<
This has been my FAVORITE PROM dress I've seen so far. The clear back is amazing to me. The color might be a bit bright for me, but apparently this color pink looks good on me. SO WHY NOT?!
My FAVORITE dress I've seen so far. I really would love for this to be my homecoming dress. It's high-low and has a clear, drape which I love. The navy color would look great for me.
short, pink, draped dress. I really don't like those heels though. (Homecoming)
Blue, long dress with a lovely jeweled design. (Homecoming)
A nice high-low, light blue dress. More of a homecoming dress.

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