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three small plastic skulls sitting next to each other
Four Simple Steps to Nicer Skin
I Ciuffetti (Pixietails) allegati alle bambole della serie Lady Lovely. Potevano essere davvero usati come fermacapelli :)
the toy is in its box and ready to be used as a hairdryer
Uccellini di plastica pucciosi col loro trespolino a cui pettinare ciuffo e coda. Perché negli anni '80 c'era sempre qualcosa da pettinare! XD Mia sorella ne aveva uno :)
Quints omg haven't thought about these in years! I was OBSESSED with these! Dolls, Miniature, Kawaii, Doll Toys, Nostalgic Toys, Toy
Quints omg haven't thought about these in years! I was OBSESSED with these!
there are many toys in the box on the floor
These were fun
an advertisement for children's hand puppets with different faces
Watchimal [ghost of the doll]
five troll dolls sitting on top of a bed next to each other with different colored hair
Snugglebums!!! the "mama brightly" doll was one of my favorites and i donated it to a kid's toy drive as a toddler. never forgot it!
there are many toys on the shelves in this store
Instore Displays
a doll with blonde hair and blue eyes standing in front of other dolls, all dressed up
9 Gnarly '90s Toys We Used to Get for Christmas ...
Omg she came with magic hot/cold clothes! They changed colors in water. Stencils and denim as well!
the rainbow britie doll is in its box
Il massimo dei Giocattoli
Iridella bambola
there is a teddy bear sitting on the table next to books and cassette recorders
Prima Pagina
Per i nostalgici degli anni '80 #giocattoli #anni80 #nostalgia
an advertisement for barbie's doll house in spanish
casa di barbie anni 80 - Quanti film e matrimoni di barbie con questa casa!!!
three pieces of glitter bracelets are in the package
Glitter bracelets
several different colored pearls on a white surface
Omg a prized Christmas gift! Rose scent all the way. Do you remember bath beads
a toy with pink hair and sunglasses sitting next to a button on a white sheet
La Scatola dei Giocattoli
Poochie è stata l'amica di tante bambine negli anni '80. Conoscila meglio con La Scatola dei Giocattoli!