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honey packaging design and its contents are shown in three different ways, including the top one with
Shifa Honey
Shifa Honey packaging and logo design. I love the hexagon jars for honey packaging. It just makes sense.
the package is wrapped in pink paper and has a yellow flower on it
Red Dot Design Award
Tea House. This is so subtle and quite lovely.
three jars filled with honey sitting on top of a table
BRANDING :: Apis Hive Honey
BRANDING :: Apis Hive Honey by Rod Burkholz, via Behance
three different views of the same black and yellow fliro bottle, one with an orange dropper
Urban Honey Brand
Urban Honey Brand on Packaging Design Served
some logos for honey products are shown on top of each other, and one has a bee in the middle
Logo Templates from GraphicRiver
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three bottles with different types of sauce in them on a white surface, one has a corked cap and the other is empty
91 Eclectic Branding Ideas for Products
92 Eclectic Branding Ideas for Products - From Bird-Branded Infusions to Patriotic Packaging (TOPLIST)
four honey jars with different labels on them
jkr's Global Student Competition Winners
Urban honey from different cities. The stingers are mad into iconic building outlines. Clever!
a jar of honey with bees on the top and label above it that says, 2013 honey
Denniston Apiary Honey
Denniston Apiary Honey - 2012 batch
four bottles of wine sitting next to each other on top of a table with the words boreall written in it
Boreal | Pure Maple Syrup
Boreal | Pure Maple Syrup by Kate Zane, via Behance
four shelves with different types of jars and spoons
Wiener Honig / Honey from Vienna
Wiener Honig / Honey from Vienna by Werner Singer, via Behance
three boxes of honey are lined up next to each other on a table with an orange and yellow logo
The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Package for Honey. The cut out, drop, shape in the outer box leads to an inner shape that actually holds the ball shaped honey pot. Every year the color and transparency of the honey is different. Light can pass through from both side to allow buyers to inspect the honey.
a jar filled with lavender sitting on top of a wooden table
Mellifera Bees - DIELINE
I love the use of the wing venation to create an elegant illustration // Mellifera Bees #honey #packaging by Kiki Falconer, Canada #miel
a bottle of honey on a white background
Ballard Bee Company 22 oz. Honey Bottle. BH honey's unique taste comes from the bees visiting in and around our Ballard neighborhood. Foraging pollen and nectar from the diverse plants that thrive in our local gardens and parks. Ballard Bee honey is unfiltered and raw so you can taste and appreciate all of the hard work these girls have done throughout the season. $23
three jars of food sitting on top of a counter next to each other with labels
Considered by Helen James Honey exclusively for Dunnes Stores. Packaging design by Nicola Bowman.
four different shots of various types of syrups on wooden trays with labels that read wash & bleach
Juniper Ridge - DIELINE
Lovely Barrelhead Foods packaging be sure and take a closer look PD
an image of a table with plates and bowls on it, all in different shapes and sizes
мед honey
three bottles of body lotion sitting next to each other
Abella, which produces exquisite, all-natural honey from remote apiaries in the dense woodlands of Galicia, Spain.
the packaging design for some kind of food product is shown in three different colors and sizes
Tears Of The Gods
Tears Of The Gods by The Brand House. The packaging looks high end and I like how they used the illustration of tears to visualize their title "Tears of the Gods". I personally like the packaging that has gold colored tears on black box, since this box shows the richness of honey and gives the product a very elegant look.
three honey jars with bees on them sitting next to each other and one has a crown on it
Harrods Honey Label
Harrods Honey Label on Behance
several different types of wooden boxes with labels on them
Sue Bee Honey
Sue Bee, an old-fashioned American brand of honey, have reinvented their creative packaging solutions by using eco-friendly wooden jar lids. This packaging method is exclusive, beautiful, and creates less of a mess while providing eco-friendly manufacturing options.
six jars of honey sitting next to each other
Hantz Honey · Packaging and Logo Design
Hantz Honey · Packaging and Logo Design
a glass jar filled with honey sitting on top of a white table next to a tag that says mr pigeonon's honey
mr pidgeon’s honey
branding for mr pidgeons honey
a jar of honey with a tag on it
Honey Label
by Lis Pikkorainen, via Behance. Better than sugar & goes with anything.
a yellow canister with some crackers in it
Concept Branding and Packaging: 'Beehive Honey Squares' on Inspirationde
Concept Branding and Packaging: ‘Beehive Honey Squares’
the table is full of different types of items
Ultimate buying guides & reviews - ReadyResearch.com
Amber Honey. A must for when having popcorn. #packaging #design (View more at www.aldenchong.com)
four jars of honey are shown in different colors and sizes, with labels on them
What i like about this label for honey is the single graphic of the honeybee with very little else around it, which by the looks of it was probably printed onto acetate and pasted around the width of the jar.
three jars with black and white stripes are next to each other, one is filled with honey
Clever and gorgeous honey packaging. would be perfect party gifts
three jars filled with liquid sitting next to each other
Bee Pure- Organic Honey packaging
Bee Pure- Organic Honey packaging by Line Ask, via Behance Waggle Dance Honey
the packaging design for honey is shown in three different colors and sizes, including oranges
Honora lσvє ♥ #bluedivagal, bluedivadesigns.wordpress.com
four jars of honey are shown in different colors and sizes, with the labels on each jar
bee raw honey
A spectrum of beautiful honeys from Bee Raw Honey. I am intrigued by their flavors - buckwheat, like molasses, blueberry, like buttery earth and star thistle, a sweet cinnamon - just to name a few!