Silvia Cocuccioni

Silvia Cocuccioni

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Set of Two Personalized WEDDING HANKIE'S Mother & Father of the Bride Gifts Hankerchief - Hankies

Snowflake Christmas Drip Cake // This may be beautiful in blue hues.

Gingerbread cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Gingerbread cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Vanilla Pavlova with Whipped Coconut Cream, Caramel Sauce, Pomegranates & Figs

How To: Layered Picture Frame collage - LOVE the layout on this one.

Decorare una parete con cornici vuote

Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Cake | Recipe by Tessa Huff for

perfect picnic #Picnic

How to Make a Whimsical Unicorn Cake – Learn how to make this adorable Whimsical Unicorn Cake that’s great for birthdays and baby showers or any unicorn-themed party! Use Wilton’s Shape-N-Amaze Edible Dough to make a unicorn figurine that will serve as the cake’s centerpiece.

Adorable Turkey veggie tray & dip layout. Gobble till you wobble! Thanksgiving veggie tray