La signora in giallo

Murder She Wrote-Jessica Fletcher-Angela Langsbury-Love It!

Miami vice

Series starred Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as 2 Miami Metro-Dade detectives working undercover in Miami named Sonny Crocket and Ricardo Tubbs.


Star Trek (TV Series If this was not a picture of Kirk, Spock and Bones, it'd be an awkward family photo!

Quantum leap

"quantum leap" Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell loved this show. Watched it all the time.

Top secret

Scarecrow and Mrs King ( Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson)


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3 nipoti e un maggiordomo

"Family Affair" Buffy, Jody, Uncle Bill, Mr French and Cissy.


Dallas TV series - I watched it faithfully until Pam "dreamed" that Bobby was dead.