Another perfect reading nook

The Nook Under the Staircase tucked in bed, reading seat under staircase to act as room divider between two basement spaces

Pink spiral staircase

Pink spiral staircase-Cute-but dont think I would have a pink staircase in my house


Lakeside Cabin Makeover

Under stairs reading nook - apparently I need a house with lots of staircases for all these neat ideas


Stepping Stones: Smooth-Polished Concrete Spiral Staircase "Rolling stones in riverbeds become rounded and smooth over time, softened yet hard. The same natural tension is captured in this staircase design.

Under the Stairs Nook

Open stairs would give a visual lightness to the house. Kitchen tucked at one end makes best use of under stair space

Gallery wall with mirrors.

WHITE IS EASY TO CARE FOR. There's nothing worse than seeing someone go with an all-white room, then fear it. Let the white be lived in! - Tips for White Decorating Ideas - Country Living


This is another example of a layout that would be easy to install in a studio apartment - a loft bed with stairs would be a cheaper and nicer space saving solution than buying a Murphy bed. Maybe even in a small bedroom.

A Playhouse Under The Stairs

A Playhouse Under The Stairs

PLAYROOM UNDER THE STAIRS. (especially since it has a proper window and door and it's not a "Harry Potter" room under -the-stairs cramped space. Don't have space for this though LOVE the idea.