Chris Pine

As long as Chris Pine is Captain Kirk, I will continue to attend Star Trek movies.

keira knightly

Keira Knightly She is my favorite.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

i swear, joseph gordon levitt is turning into heath ledger. which is not a bad thing

Zack Morris aka Mark Paul Gosselaar

Chatter Busy: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Slams "Saved By The Bell" Sitcom !

My favorite!

Picture of James Franco curly pompadour hairstyle.

Chris Hemsworth .

Black tuxedo, black shirt, black tie for Groomsmen only. maybe with a purple tie:)

The American actress Mila Kunis is very beautiful and a lot of people and fans loves her. and now we’re gonna show you some pics of mila kunis Smiling

Jude Law is a sexy beast

Jude Law for Dunhill 07