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Love amigurumi? Can't resist crocheted cats, bears, or other cuteness? Share your links to great crochet patterns, techniques--anything to provide others with amazing amigurumi inspiration! If you'd like to pin to the board, email me (Lori) at lverb23@gmail.com and I'll send you an invite. (If you're trying to sell your design, please only post that design ONCE. Multiple pins by a single pinner will be deleted and that pinner will be removed as a contributor.) Happy pinning!

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♥ Amigurumi!! ♥ Community Board

♥ Amigurumi!! ♥ Community Board

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Free crochet dachshund pattern!!!! ♥♥

Amigurumi Tutorial - Joining Two Open Pieces

How to Make Amigurumi Crochet Owl - Crochet - Handimania. DIY crafts

Se van de regalo a sobrinos!

Amigurumi BBDolls - A free pattern by the ever so generous AmigurumiBB. Thanks for sharing! xox ☆ ★ www.pinterest.com...

Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Toy Cat by Amichy on Etsy

Alice in Wonderland and White Rabbit Amigurumi dolls by Yarn Treasures www.yarntreasures...

DIY Amigurumi Toadstool - FREE Crochet Pattern / Tutorial

Fia, fiocco di cotone: pattern Autumn

Fia, fiocco di cotone: pattern Winter

Fia, fiocco di cotone: pattern Spring

Fia, fiocco di cotone: pattern Summer

Fia, fiocco di cotone: pattern Summer

Tutorial tulpsteek kussen * Haken bij Saar en Mien. Variant op de bloem tutorial hier bijsaarenmien.blo...

Amigurumi Cow - FREE Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Yoshi - Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial

Turtle ☺ Free Crochet Pattern ☺ FREE PRINTABLE PATTERN 4/14.

Pattern - crochet zebra, horse, or unicorn!

  • Diana G
    Diana G

    I am sorry but it's not free, only the changes for make the unicorn. The horse cost €3.95

  • Diana G
    Diana G

    The change for make zebra is also free. The real pattern for the base (the entire horse) is: http://www.ravelry.com/patt...

Amigurumi Love Birds - FREE Crochet Pattern / Tutorial