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Tatuajes de flor de loto que te traerán abundancia

AWESOME TATTOOS 30 Ultra Sexy Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs-Flowers are a popular choice of design for tattoos, and a lotus flower tattoo design is particularly eye-catching. It must be drawn from the.

Flor de Lótus que tive a honra de fazer para Bruna! Gratidão! #ofilhodatuta #tattoo #tattoos ...

Want that bottom center piece to be the motherhood heart, the line to be a bit longer and actually say the words "faith hope love", and the flower itself to be a bit smaller because I'm so petite.

// chargabriella //

Hashtag Love

This hidden airplane tattoo is perfect for the gal who leads a bicoastal lifestyle. Would want on the wrist though

30 Wonderful Tattoo Ideas For Women That Are Amazing

30 Wonderful Tattoo Ideas For Women That Are Amazing

Photo extraite de 19 tatouages au poignet beaucoup plus jolis qu'un simple bracelet (19 photos)

Tattoo : 19 tatouages au poignet beaucoup plus jolis qu'un bracelet

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philip milic                                                                                                                                                     Mais

Instead would have an arrow with henna inspired dot work and floating feathers.

I'd never get this but if I ever got a lotus flower this is what it would look like. Awesome lotus flower.

if I ever et a tato it will be of a lotus flower.The lotus flower signifies the struggle and changes in life. The same way the lotus flower grows from something ugly but uses the light to guide it to the top and eventually becomes something beautiful.

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