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six different colored portraits of people in various styles and sizes, each with an individual's face
four children's faces drawn in colored pencils
an image of children's portraits made with chalk pastels and watercolors
Chalk Pastel & Tempera Paint Portraits for Kinders | Deep Space Sparkle
chalk-and-tempera-portrait-art-lesson Deepspacesparkle Oil pastel drawing, letter "U" Liquid tempera shirt, skin, background, then hair when b'ground is dry, then Chalk pastel
several pictures of people with different facial expressions on them are wrapped in clear cellophane
Festa del papa', Tecnica collage. Scuola Infanzia bambini 4 anni.
several colorful wooden letters mounted to a wall
ADST Name Hammering Craft
the woman is holding three brooches in her hand and two cards with them
Mother’s Day Medals
four valentine's day cards with red string hearts on them and the words i love you written in black ink
an image of paper cut out of vegetables