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the comic strip shows how people are doing different things
INCIDENTAL COMICS Understanding Poetry
an old book with many different types of drawings on the pages, including trees and buildings
Clara Elsene Peck (1883 ~ 1968). A Lady of King Arthur's Court by Sara Hawks Sterling Published by George W. Jacobs & Co ~ 1907
a book cover with the title selections from the writings of kerke gaard
Edward Gorey’s Vintage Book Covers for Literary Classics
by Edward Gorey
a statue of a man wearing a hat and glasses
Képek - Országalbum
James Joyce Statue, Szombathely
two images one with hands, the other with a heart and an alarm clock on it
Discover the best paris versus new york on Dwell
proust vs salinger
an info sheet with many different types of information on it, including text and pictures
Libri in Italia: come, quanto e cosa leggiamo (infografica).
a large map of the city
This Map Will Delight Book Lovers Everywhere
Una mappa dei vostri libri preferiti, e ce ne sono almeno 600, by designers Dorothy
a man with his hand on his face in front of a bird flying above him
Il sale
Il sale | Mangialibri
an old poem written in black and white
Quotable - Charles Bukowski
Quotable - Charles Bukowski
a yellow book cover with an image of a glass jar and the words coscine di pollo
a close up of a person holding his hand near his face and looking at the camera
Intervista a Federico Tavola
Intervista a Federico Tavola:
the box is white with black lettering on it and has different types of things in it
Andrew Brash ridisegna la cover di Infinite Jest