Claudia de Simone

Claudia de Simone

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There's balance shown in this outfit between the simple white tank top and the layered full skirt. The common white background allows them to match while the pattern and texture of the skirt makes it focal piece of the outfit.

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(KO) I love you, Mom! You're the best! You always give me lots of love and..... What 's this? Mom has a hair rope! Hmmmm. I wonder if it would hold my weight if I should hang by it........let's find out! Oh, yeah. It's a strong rope. I like it.....Why is Mom screaming? Oh look! She likes it!

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Silk-Satin Gown by Jonathan Simkhai. Jonathan Simkhai Silk-Satin Gown

"All right — so he’s not a regular rat, or even a super rat. He’s just a scared little mouse. But — oh, golly, gee, damn!”

“Santorini, Greece | by WorldMarkSP ”

Denim Floral Crop Top by StillStuntinVintage on Etsy

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