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two women sitting on top of a piece of luggage in front of a red wall
25 Album Covers That Are Better As Animated GIFs
two young people sitting on swings in a playground area, one is wearing red pants and the other is white shirt
The White Stripes Officially Call It Quits
two people dressed in red and white holding umbrellas
Benjamin Nugent – “White Lies and the White Stripes” (2001)
two people dressed in white and red posing with a guitar
The White Stripes | iHeart
two people dressed in red and white standing next to each other on a red background
She never got over her stagefright: White Stripes split after founder Meg fails to conquer her stage anxiety
two women sitting on stools in front of an elephant head and another woman with long black hair
Jack White admits he 'basically never' speaks to Meg White