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several vases with flowers in them on a table
tulips in clear vases
two purple flowers with long stems in the foreground
Flying Duck Orchid
è un'incantesimo?
a black flower with white stamen on it
dracula raven orchid
pink and yellow flowers are in a glass vase on a metal rack with water inside
All Things Girly & Beautiful
℘ e o n i e s
a large pink flower with the word dalia on it's back end and bottom corner
To a Beautiful Weekend, Dahlings!
B l o o m i n g
a large pink flower with green leaves in the foreground and other flowers in the background
Top Performing Dahlias for Summer 2016 - Longfield Gardens
Read all about Top Performing Dahlias for Summer 2016 in Vermont. Labyrinth – My new favorite. I took a gamble on this variety because the photo on our website makes it look a bit drab. As you can see, Labyrinth is anything but drab. It’s the color of a summer sunrise – peach, pale pink and gold.
a pink and white flower in a garden
Strawberry Ice
many different colored tulips in a flower bed
a bunch of white flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a string
Mughetti Wildflowers
some pink and white flowers in a pot
some pretty purple and white flowers with green leaves