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a living room filled with furniture and a cat on the floor
Unconventional lighting for extraordinary living Pure #inspiration for your house!
a desk lamp sitting on top of a glass table next to a chair and phone
Not just a #lamp but a #magic object able to #enlight and #surprise
a black and white photo of an object on the back of a car with other cars in the background
#light day! Complicated? Super high tech? Or just brilliant ways to #enlight your #house ? #classic but #modern #design
a black and white bedroom with wood floors, pictures on the wall, and a bed
This black, white and modern bedroom features FLOS AIM lighting, hardwood floors and simple wall decor.
a kitchen with green cabinets and stools next to a counter top that has two gold pendant lights hanging over it
Interiors — Black Lacquer Design | Endless interior delight.
Dark green kitchen cabinets are a beautiful and unusual choice. Pair with brass accents for warmth
an ocean view from the outside of a house
Victoria 73 | Cape Town
ARCO floor lamp shines in this incredible semi-outdoor living room in a Cape Town villa in South Africa.
three lights are on the end of a dock in the dark, with grass and trees behind it
Outdoor Lighting
Dramatic and sizable, the Belvedere Spot Single Lamp is aimed at large external areas that require a strong, detailed light source.
a light that is on in the dark by some windows and a window sill
Outdoor Lighting
FLOS IPNOS Outdoor Lamp casts a bright glow outside the home on a stone walkway, as it feels a seemingly blank space with beautiful light.
a light shines on the ground next to some rocks and a wooden dock at night
Belvedere Spot double F2 casts a bright glow in the twilight.
there is a white vase with flowers on top of it and some books next to it
Copycat Sweepstakes: Great Things Come in Pairs. - sfgirlbybay
FLOS Copycat is a playful yet sophisticated addition to this coffee table.
a white table topped with a vase filled with pink flowers and a candle next to a framed photo
Gatto Lamp from Flos - Sanna Fischer - Metro Mode
Achille Castiglioni's Gatto lamp for FLOS adds an elegant touch to a marble bedside table, matching the soft gray hues of ths interior.
a dining room table with chairs and a vase on it
Spazi di libertà
Smithfield by Jasper Morrison for FLOS matches the simple, modern decor in this kitchen interior featuring white settings.
a dining room with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
2097 by Gino Sarfatti adds elegance and grace to this modern dining area.