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L'infinito Giacomo Leopardi SDSU

Rendition of Giacomo Leopardi's L'infinito.
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7. Let it completely dry for a bit.

14*** Careful, the images didn't come out in order so follow the indicated numbers :)

2. After planning what materials you want to use the next thing to do is to purchase them. I decided to use it as the background for my project.

3. Gloves are essential, spray paint isn't the easiest thing to come off.

4. Since the poem is based on the idea of Infinity I decided to incorporate space in my project. After watching a few videos on YouTube the next step is to find a cup that it a good size for your planet.

5. Make sure all the colors and supplies are lined up close by, it dries quick! I don't have a photo for this but spray your favorite colors on one spot of the canvas and dab crumpled newspaper on it to give texture, place the cup on top when you are happy with how it looks.

6. After spraying black around the cup I painted the whole board. I lightly used blue to give space some more depth (spray further away from the board.) By spraying white painting on your forefinger you can flick stars onto the canvas. Then I blended red, orange, and yellow spray to give it some light.

1. First things first, find what inspires you! or like in my case the easiest thing to really picture in your head, the clearer the better! Giacomo Leopardi L'infinito incorporates lots of imagery, sensory details, and emotions so it automatically caught my attention and imagination.

8. After I let the background dry I penciled an outline of a tree then proceeded to fill it in with color. The poem contains imagery of plants so I decided to use a tree to represent that image.

9. After I let the first layer dry I filled in the trunk and branches with darker colors and added some leaves. L'infinito discusses past and present seasons so I only put leaves on the left side of the tree to represent that idea.