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Turkey on stones - Istanbul

Cities of Turkey on colourful stones - Istanbul pictures
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Soma is a town in the district of Manisa Province in the Aegean region of Turkey. Stones composition on stones of the turkish flag with a red heart in memory of the more than 300 victims after the coal mine collapse, 13 May 2014


Istanbul - Galata Tower, visible from almost every corner of the city, built in the 6th century as a lighthouse by Byzantines, when Ottomans conquered Istanbul it was used as a dungeon,the 16th century it was a fire tower, and after a serious fire incident, Genoese rebuilt the tower in stone and give the tower its final shape


Homemade earrings, Istanbul, Turkey


Wooden table out of a typical turkish bar, Istanbul


Sultanahmet district, view over typical houses, Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul, Fener zone view over a street with colourful house facades


The Bue Mosque, evening in Istanbul, Turkey

Islamic elements, Hagia Sophia Mosque

Republic Monument, Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey