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The Waldgeistman Woodland Way: Wasp Gall Bob Floats

Well I had a bash at making some Wasp gall floats as I said I would in the The Morning Walk. Wasp Galls I purcha.

The Waldgeistman Woodland Way: Recycled Reed Floats

So, just having ago at making Gall Bob floats wasn't enough.I've seemingly been bitten buy the urge to make more floats. Having watche.

Primitive, jointed cane pole, 16 feet. Linen cord wrapped reinforcement. Brass wire eye wrapped in linen and cotton, by Todd Wehling.

Brass wire eye wrapped in linen and cotton, by Todd Wehling.

Natural fabric dyes

Organic Fabric Dye Tips for dying fabric naturally & organically! This lady shows so many colors you can get from different things, and gives directions on how to make the fabrics look their best!

16 Uses of Sticky Pine Sap for Wilderness Survival and Self-Reliance |

16 uses for Pine Sap in Survival. by Todd Walker Scavenging resources in a wilderness survival situation can turn up life-saving stuff. That's why developing a possum mentality is vital! Our ancestors walked our woodlands and learn.

Stone Axe Herbals: How to Make a Gourd Water Bottle

All gourds are members of the Cucurbitaceae family, but not all members of that family are gourds. Some non-gourd members .