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If you don’t know how to make butterfly origami, look over here
These bamboo letter folds are SO cool! Write a note and fold it closed- no need for an envelope! 💌 Use an A4 sheet of paper of your choosing and get folding! NO glue or cutting needed. You can go for a smaller sized note if you like. You’ll need to stick to the same measurement ratios as an A4 sheet of paper. For example: A4= 21 x 29.7cm Half A4= 21 x 14.8cm Enjoy! #origami #paper #papercraft #handmade #homemade #gift #notes #letter
Cómo hacer una Billetera de papel! :) Síguenos en Nuestro Canal de Arte
instructions to make paper hearts and envelopes
Decoración – Ferreterías LEONESA
sobres 2
DIY Creative handicraft-easy paper tutorial
a man with long hair wearing a pirate hat
Si comprendo che sei stato capace di mandarmi in pappa il cervello.
the words are written in black and white on a light colored background with an image of a
a poem written in italian on white paper with the words'i cappellio mato
È proprio così!!!
the words are written in spanish and english
an image of someone's tweeting on their cell phone with the caption that reads, i am se tui amici si buttassero da un ponte