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a painting of a woman washing her hands with sheep in the foreground and mountains in the background
Shepherdess at a Well by Adolf ErnstMeissner
a painting of a shepherd tending to his flock
Jules Dupré | The Barbizon school of painters
a painting of a woman tending to her flock of sheep in a field by a stream
a painting of a woman standing in the grass with sheep
Luigi Chialiva (1842 – 1914, Swiss)
Hilary Scott, The Scott Family, Social Themes, Modern Contemporary Art, The Good Shepherd, Italian Painters, American Modern
Fotografia - La consapevolezza del lenzuolo
a painting of pink flowers on a branch with green leaves and buds in the foreground
Роспись "Магнолии" в интернет-магазине на Ярмарке Мастеров | Декор, Москва - доставка по России. Товар продан.
Декор поверхностей ручной работы. Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа. Купить Роспись "Магнолии". Handmade. Роспись стен, интерьерная роспись
a woman with a tattoo on her leg holding a knife in the shape of a heart
Stylized dagger stabbed heart tattoo -
Excellent dagger stabbed heart tattoo inked on the right thigh